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The 6th annual Sonnet Slam was held Friday 4.22.16 at the Naumberg Band Shell, Central Park. All 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets were read in order. I read Sonnet #133. This annual event is coordinated/produced by Melinda Hall, Anthony Heath and Willful Pictures. It was particularly special this year as part of the WorldWide Celebration of the 400th year …

SINGULARITY as a web-series!

The award winning Sci-iFi film “Singularity” -starring Russell Jordan, Einar Gunn, Oliver Burns, Nathan Faudree, David Lamberton and written/directed by Brian Neuls – is available for serial viewing at: SINGULARITY . Check it out!    

Warning: #Google app Update!!

ANYone else have trouble after downloading new #Google app update [phone]? Apparently bolluxed several of my Actor Service accounts: passwords/usernames Wiped/Corrupted! Had to call Support and do Resets on ALL devices. BEWARE !!

What ‘Type’ AM I?!?!

“What ‘Type’ are You?” is a question that dogs most professional Theatre talent. RECENTLY: In the Same Week – A) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final as “Large, menacing drug user” -And- B) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final …