The 6th annual Sonnet Slam was held Friday 4.22.16 at the Naumberg Band Shell, Central Park. All 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets were read in order. I read Sonnet #133. This annual event is coordinated/produced by Melinda Hall, Anthony Heath and Willful Pictures. It was particularly special this year as part of the WorldWide Celebration of the 400th year
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SINGULARITY as a web-series!

The award winning Sci-iFi film “Singularity” -starring Russell Jordan, Einar Gunn, Oliver Burns, Nathan Faudree, David Lamberton and written/directed by Brian Neuls – is available for serial viewing at: SINGULARITY . Check it out!    

Warning: #Google app Update!!

ANYone else have trouble after downloading new #Google app update [phone]? Apparently bolluxed several of my Actor Service accounts: passwords/usernames Wiped/Corrupted! Had to call Support and do Resets on ALL devices. BEWARE !!

What ‘Type’ AM I?!?!

“What ‘Type’ are You?” is a question that dogs most professional Theatre talent. RECENTLY: In the Same Week – A) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final as “Large, menacing drug user” -And- B) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final
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“DIG INFINITY” Wins Big at 2014 PCTF Awards

DIG INFINITY by Oliver Trager won three major awards at the 2014 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Awards. In the category “Musical or Play with Music”: Outstanding Lead Actor went to Infinity’s creator: Oliver Trager;  Outstanding Supporting Actor: Russell Jordan (2013’s winner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Staged Reading [DASH]); Outstanding Revival/Adaptation: Ensemble- John Kruth, Boris Kinberg*, David Lamberton.   *not
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“The Knick” Season 1 Episode 1; Friday 8/8/14

This is the review of Friday night’s (8/8/14) first episode of “The Knick” airing on Cinemax (Steven Soderbergh and Clive Owen).   Turns out I worked most of this episode, but because filming was done out of sequence – I didn’t know until now! Please, ‘stay tuned’.  

“The Gallery of the Louvre” at Hyde Hall

Samuel FB Morse (aka DBLjr) in front of his 19th Century masterwork* The Gallery of the Louvre – at Hyde Hall, Cooperstown, NY [National Historic Landmark] *shown here is a copy of the original donated to Syracuse University and currently valued at $3-4 million dollars. — at Hyde Hall, Cooperstown, NY.


I return to the National Landmark – Hyde Hall – again this summer as part of the “Ghosts of Hyde Hall” series – featured on the Syfy cable channel network’s popular investigative series, Ghost Hunters®. This season I portray Samuel F.B. Morse – the well known inventor (Morse Code; Telegraph), and not as well known yet
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