DASH: a hybrid theatre presentation – extended run

DASH – a groundbreaking hybrid theatre presentation- will have an extended run on the CreateTheater/YouTube channel from Tuesday 4.27 -thru- Friday 4.30 ending at 7pm EDT. DASH will be available for viewing 24/7 during this time making viewing from all time zones and all countries possible. Donations accepted at: https://click.convertkit-mail2.com/lmukgdd84vimh9k78lf6/7qh7h2u0m4kxxqbz/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXZlbnRicml0ZS5jb20vZS9tb25kYXktbmlnaHQtcmVhZGluZy1zZXJpZXMtZGFzaC10aWNrZXRzLTE1MjIwOTAzODMzMQ==

DASH world online premiere: 04.19.21 at 7pm EDT

DASH, a new play by John Thorburn Hall, directed and developed by David Lamberton, will make its online world premiere on CreateTheater April 19, 2021 at 7pm EDT. The play is based on actual events in 1976 war-torn Nigeria, when an African-American government envoy arrives on a US trade mission, as well as a personal …


The 6th annual Sonnet Slam was held Friday 4.22.16 at the Naumberg Band Shell, Central Park. All 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets were read in order. I read Sonnet #133. This annual event is coordinated/produced by Melinda Hall, Anthony Heath and Willful Pictures. It was particularly special this year as part of the WorldWide Celebration of the 400th year …

SINGULARITY as a web-series!

The award winning Sci-iFi film “Singularity” -starring Russell Jordan, Einar Gunn, Oliver Burns, Nathan Faudree, David Lamberton and written/directed by Brian Neuls – is available for serial viewing at: SINGULARITY . Check it out!    

Warning: #Google app Update!!

ANYone else have trouble after downloading new #Google app update [phone]? Apparently bolluxed several of my Actor Service accounts: passwords/usernames Wiped/Corrupted! Had to call Support and do Resets on ALL devices. BEWARE !!

What ‘Type’ AM I?!?!

“What ‘Type’ are You?” is a question that dogs most professional Theatre talent. RECENTLY: In the Same Week – A) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final as “Large, menacing drug user” -And- B) made it out of ‘the pool’ into the Final Round but not the Final …