“AUTOPILOT” film continues world tour of festivals

“AUTOPILOT“, by JB Herndon, after winning a Silver Medal at Bilbao, Spain, continues its impressive world-tour drawing favorable notices as well as popular attention at some of the best Short Film Festivals around the world. Next up are-  Germany:  Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2010, Italy:  Salento Finibus Terrae 2010, and Netherlands:  Breda International Film Festival ….

CW Post Law Program to film Educational Series

CW Post Law progam at Touro, Long Island, NY is to begin shooting an Educational series. Each episode will highlight a different point of law -often a controversial law- from America’s legislative history. In the next piece being shot (Loving vs. Virginia), I play the Sheriff in a town in Virginia which still has laws against interracial marriage ….

“Breaking News” film based on an Etgar Keret story

I just finished working on a short film, “Breaking News” based on a short story by renowned Israeli writer Etgar Keret. Though not well known in the U.S., Mr. Keret is widely read in his homeland, and together with his wife, Shira Geffen, produced an award-winning film “Jellyfish” at Cannes in 2007. “Breaking News” director is Elan Golod.

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