“Letters from Santa” …

The NYIT (New York Innovative Theater) is an organization which helps promote and recognize Off-Off Broadway Theater. This year they’re sponsoring a “Letters from Santa” program which is available to anyone – in ‘the Biz’ or not. Please take a few moments to read about this program (below) and consider using it as as an alternative gift for some child you know.
David Lamberton

Letters from Santa


Do you have nieces, nephews, children of your own or friends with kids?

If so…. The IT Awards needs you.

We know it is a tough year and most folks don’t have $100 or even $20 to donate. That’s why this year we decided on a fundraiser that is fun, in the holiday spirit and creates so much joy for such a small price.


Personalized, Addressed to your Child and Postmarked from the North Pole

$5 Personalized typeset letter to your child

$10 Personalized handwritten letter to your child


During this magical and exciting time of year, children are anticipating their visit from Santa and the joys and surprises of Christmas morning. Enhance their Christmas experience with a handwritten, personalized letter from Santa, addressed to your child and postmarked from the North Pole. Even the most skeptical child will believe the authenticity of this special keepsake.

And if you are really in the holiday spirit, you can really help out by helping us spread the word about this service.