“Spontaneous Combustion” at MTS 1/16 – 1/19

The 39th ‘Spontaneous Combustion‘ event will be held this weekend -and- into next week at the Manhattan Theatre Source. Performances will be at 8pm:  Saturday 1/16; Sunday 1/17; Monday 1/18; Tuesday 1/19. This year’s dramatic theme (thread) is Edgar Allen Poe in honor of his imminent birthday on January 19.   How it works:  Writers & Actors are teamed up by lottery; All are given the same theme AND the same opening line; Writer goes home and ‘spontaneously’ writes a short piece for 2 actors; Next night the actors receive their script and do a read-thru; Following afternoon -with lines memorized- the actors do a brief run-thru and tech; They return the same evening and ‘combust’ into performance.