A Busy, Dizzy, Gratifying Week in Theatre

I just finished a busy, dizzy, gratifying week of theatre projects.
Two readings (Friday & Saturday) for The Crossroads Theatre Co. Genesis Festival. “VIP” by Murray (“Ain’t Misbehavin'”) Horwitz, and “Anne and Emmett” by Janet (“…From Rage to Reason”) Langhart Cohen. “Thanks” go to ‘Evander’> Russell Jordan> Marshal Jones III> Sibusiso Mamba. http://www.crossroadstheatrecompany.org/

Immediately following the above, I started rehearsal this past Monday for “Safe” by Penny Jackson, directed by Joan Kane, as part of the Planet Connections Festivity (The Culture Project). http://planetconnections.org/theater-festival-full-productions-2012/

“VIP” focuses on a group of jazz legends coming together for a one-night concert playing together. The musicians find themselves stranded due to a snow storm in a makeshift VIP lounge in the Denver airport. Along with with jazz legends are a successful businessman and jazz fan with his petulant but curious 19 year old son. Past, present and future collide in that room.

“Anne and Emmett” is a memory play which allows the teenaged Anne Frank and Emmett Till to meet and discover/discuss the striking similarties in their vastly different backgrounds.

“Safe” tells the story of a young girl who simply wants to feel “safe” in a world where her self-image, alcoholic mother, and never home father drive normal teen anxiety and insecurity toward desperate decisions and actions.

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